Dignity – Danish Institute Against Torture

DIGNITY is a self-governing, independent organization that provides interdisciplinary treatment for torture survivors within Denmark, conducts research, and works in collaboration with international partners to advocate for the prevention of torture and to share knowledge and expertise. The organization’s highly extensive, searchable Library contains over 30,000 resources, including news items, journal articles, research studies, and information on consultative specialists on specific topics.

The website’s “Resources” section features diverse materials on treatment and prevention:


Subpages on rehabilitation and health include sections on such topics as “Community-Based Rehabilitation”, “Coping,” “Empowerment”, “Mental Health”, Stress”, and “Treatment Outcome”:


The “People and Groups” subpage includes section headings on “Children & Adolescents”, “Families,” “Perpetrators”, “Refugee and Asylees”, among others:


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